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Town of Bruce Mines

By-laws & Policies

The By-laws on this Website are provided for information purposes only; they are copies of original files. In all matters, the official version of each of these files belonging to the Corporation of the Town of Bruce Mines will supersede the copies linked to and/or shown on this Website. The files linked on this Website are the copyright of The Corporation of the Town of Bruce Mines. All rights reserved.

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Property Standards

#2008-16 - ByLaw - FINAL, amended May 28, 2018

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Water Usage

2010-28 - Restrictions on water usage during summer months

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Cemetery Fees

2023-26 Cemetery Fees

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Cemetery Services

2023-27 - Cemetery maintenance, management and control

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Zoning By Law

2021-19 - Consolidated with amendments to July 19, 2021 plus associated Schedule

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Zoning By-Law

2021-19 - Amendment to the previous Zoning By-law

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Strategic Asset Managment

2019-29 - Strategic Asset Management Policy - 24 June 2019

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Yard By-Law

2010-37 - Yard maintenance

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Dog By-Law

2004-23 - Animal Control