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Town of Bruce Mines


Posted: Apr 05, 2023

The Bruce Mines Fire Department was notified Thursday night (approximately 8pm) March 23, 2023 that the gas tank at the Marina was leaking.   A hole was discovered near the bottom on the tank and a wooden stick had been used as a plug.  Gas however, was dripping down the side of the tank.

Measures were taken to absorb any leaked gas. The tank was then emptied to below the hole.
The following authorities were notified, the OPP and the Spills Action Centre (who in turn will notify the Ministry of the Environment) and the Municipal Office.

On Friday March 24, 2023 Lajoie Brothers were on scene to remove any snow and ice which may have been contaminated.  The tank was then completely emptied and all power to the area is turned off.

It is estimated that no gas leaked beyond 10 feet west of the tank.

The Town is continuing to work with the appropriate authorities and will investigate further.

  If you have any questions please contact the Bruce Mines’ Municipal Administrator, Judy Davis. 
Tel: 705-785-3493 or via email [email protected]

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